Record review: Leanne Smith – ‘Can’t See You’

emu artwork‘Can’t See You’ begins with an amazing guitar solo and shortly after the beautiful voice of 20 year old Leanne Smith takes hold and her soft, fragile voice instantly catches the attention to all who are lucky enough to hear it.

Smith handle the notes exceptionally well, especially those high ones but her voice doesn’t dominate the track.


Lyrically the song is well written and easy to listen to, while the guitar, also played by Smith, harmonises extremely well with the vocals and put together, a beautiful song is created.

The guitar opening to the song sounds like one of those great county records, the ones everyone knows the dance to.

“There’s no written rule/on what to do/when I miss you/you’re still alive/only I can’t see you.”

The lyrics grabs your attention due to their relatability walking about when you miss someone, it feels like they’re gone for good, like you’re never going to see them again and it feels just like they’re dead, even though they are still completely alive, it’s the pain that follows losing someone.

Everyone can in some way or another connect to this song, its beautifully sung and written, well worth a listen.

Words: Michele Kennedy


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