Record review: Junebug – ‘Hoops’

a0703127811_10Originally hailing from Aberdeen, this four piece list their influences as The Stereophonics and Blondie and boy does it show!

Now split between Edinburgh and Glasgow the bands new single is set to create big waves in the local music scenes, washing over a whole new legion of fans.


Following on from their debut EP, The Chase, released last November, the single, which was released in September and contrary to what the title suggests is not a song about spaghetti or Celtic Football Club, is a rocking introduction to this young band, sounding like the aforementioned influences and also touches of local heroes Miniature Dinosaurs, which is only a good thing.

This is music for people who like guitars and bands with guitars, people who are willing to dig under the mainstream likes of Radio One and find the real music happening in the underground belly of the city.

The song invokes the now-departed sun of the summer and will be a ray of light for the listener in the upcoming Scottish winter.

While the production is perhaps not as polished and professional as these boys deserve the quality of the song shines through to the ears of the listener.

Fans of big rocking guitars will find plenty to enjoy here and the chorus will get stuck in the brain like the band’s proverbial namesake.

Expect big things – get in on the ground floor before these boys are headlining the ABC.

Words: Dale Nixon


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