Record review: Woodenbox – ‘King’s Liar / Beautiful Terrible’ [Olive Grove]

a2542812248_10‘King’s Liar’ begins with jangly, bright acoustic guitars, duping the listener into thinking that this is just another generic, radio friendly alternative folk track; in reality, it is much, much more than that.

The single lands into an obnoxiously brash intro, laden with a catchy brass melody, which recurs throughout the track giving it a really jazzy edge in places.

Another point of interest is the broad harmonies manifested during the verses, which gives it an undeniably folky undertone.

Lyrics here are very much secondary to the music, however this track has enough easy sing-along bits to make it a sure crowd pleaser.

On the flip side is ‘Beautiful Terrible’, on first listen it’s not as musically interesting as ‘King’s Liar’, however it has the kind of charm that may well lift your spirits on a Monday morning.

The song features an uplifting vocal melody that contrasts with the slightly less cheerful lyrics and the track’s fast paced nature is guaranteed to get your toes tapping.

All in all, ‘King’s Liar/Beautiful Terrible’ is another strong release from Woodenbox.

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Words: Laura Halbert

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