Record Review: Knock On Effect – Jump The Gun

a3736356583_10Knock On Effect is a talented five piece ‘blistering rock ‘n’ roll band’ from Greenock.

According to their Facebook, their main goal is “to create well-crafted modern pop, inspired by a fine lineage of quality bands from a previous eras” and that’s exactly what they’ve done with the EP.


Jump the Gun kicks off with ‘Bias’, a track that could be mistaken for a pop punk hit from the intro, but as the song goes on it turns into a rock anthem, without a doubt the best song from the EP, it mixes great drum beats with some well played guitar to create a great sing along tune

Lead singer, Mick McLellan’s voice has a scratchy substance to it, which makes the tracks on Jump the Gun so much more enjoyable.

‘Sticking With You’ sounds like it could have easily been featured in Rock of Ages, it opens with a solid bass line that would be great to hear in any song and features an amazing guitar solo in the middle that brings the song to life.

‘Words Were Weapons’ sounds like a bluesy-country hit, it starts with a simple acoustic guitar intro but the drums, guitar and vocals kick in giving it a darker and moody effect – it’s perfect for those rainy nights that you want to sit alone and have a drink.

Finishing off Jump The Gun is ‘Shadows’, which starts off as a slow acoustic/piano track, but the drums start and it turns into a ‘could be’ top 10 hit.

The EP is versatile and fill with quality, there’s something on it for everyone.

Words: Lauren Greig


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