Record review: The Deadline Shakes – ‘Bright Spot in a Bad Year’ [Flowers In The Dustbin]

a2796568837_10Glasgow band The Deadline Shakes has been featured on BBC Introducing since forming in 2012 and have already been named as one of BBC Radio Scotland’s Breakout Bands.

Their latest single is ‘Bright Spot in a Bad Year’ twirls and dances chaotically, a full on experience of joyful, instrumentally uplifting music.


Foot tapping drum rhythms breathe optimistic hope, many tracks age but The Deadline Shakes have created something, which embodies all that is youthful.

The upbeat air gives the listener a sense of carefree joy, melodic rhythm guitar is soft yet dominating; driving the heavily country influenced lead guitar riffs.

The lead guitar takes on an element of Alabama Shakes with the smooth guitar riffs filling in between each verse.

The Deadline Shakes is continually developing and growing with each passing second.

It is difficult to push away from having repetitive guitar riffs between verses, as many musicians feel this gives the track continuity, but this can leave a track sounds lifeless.

The Deadline Shakes is able to differentiate with their sound, adding breakdowns to lift the track.

A guitar solo accompanied by a glockenspiel solo is unique, adding humour to the track, the solo highlights the rock roots of the band before the track goes back to its incredible fusion of piano driven, alternative folk.

Lyrically, the track conveys optimism after a year that is best forgotten, it is the phoenix rising from the embers, telling the listener that sometimes life will be unfair but there is always something worth waking up for.

The Deadline Shakes have penned a track that combines poetry and humour to create an honest message of finding good in bad situations.

Words: Kimi Inglis


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