Live Review: Gabrielle Aplin, Jack Savoretti, Chloe Latimer at ABC 2/11/13

DSC_1440Last year Gabrielle Aplin’s career exploded thanks to a chilling cover of Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s ‘The Power of Love’ and a certain tear jerking John Lewis Christmas advert.

Now, just under 12 months later, she is performing to a packed ABC supported by two up and coming acts hoping to achieve similar success.


The first of the two is local talent Chloe Latimer, who at first, quite understandably, appears a little daunted by the size of the crowd that greets her as she walks on stage.

However it soon transpires that she has no reason to be nervous, and by the end of the first song she already has the whole venue in the palm of her hand, a rather impressive achievement for a young girl with a guitar.

Her cover of current chart topper ‘Royals’ goes down particularly well, with her simple acoustic performance bringing another emotional dimension to the song.

The set draws to a close with new single ‘Weirdo Like Me’, and with the crowd taking a mental note as Latimer announces an upcoming show at King Tut’s.

The low-key acoustic theme continues with Jack Savoretti, the second support act of the night.

An inspiring set of poetic lyrics, guitar wizardry and soaring choruses follows his arrival on stage, and like Latimer, the attention he commands from the audience is remarkable considering he is up there by himself.

Savoretti has an extremely powerful voice, like a bluesy Newton Faulkner perhaps, and it is this element of his performance that gives him an edge over the many folk rock artists currently trying to break through.

DSC_1536Finally, the main act and her band take to the stage, opening with punchy album favourite ‘Keep On Walking’.

It is an instantly apparent fact that Aplin’s voice is truly spectacular; she is gifted with the combination of an incredible range and a haunting tone, which comes across far better when heard live.

Possibly as a result of her voice, or maybe some other element in her performance, Aplin appears to have the ability to mesmerise, and the crowd seem almost in a trance as she goes on to play more songs from her album English Rain.

The singer proves that everything she touches really does turn to perfection with a surprisingly effective cover of Miley Cyrus’ ‘Wrecking Ball’, which thankfully, despite the threat, is not accompanied by the band’s guitarist recreating the infamous scene from Cyrus’ video on the ABC glitter ball.

The highlights of the set come latterly, in the form of stunning upcoming single ‘Salvation’, the hugely popular ‘Please Don’t Say You Love Me’ and a rousing version of ‘Home’, which concludes the evening.

As the crowd files out the venue, one observation perfectly sums up the gig; no one is leaving without a smile on their face.

The angelic Aplin has dazzled yet again.

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Words: Ellen Renton
Photos: Stewart Fullerton


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