We were once described by the sound guy in a London club as ‘flamboyant electronic pop’

598580_10151867909619836_626960310_nLondon based Scottish pop duo PoP Campaign are back home at the end of the month, I caught up with them before their return to discuss what they’ve been up to and what we can expect from their upcoming date at Bloc.

For those that haven’t heard PoP Campaign before can you give us a description of your sound?


Sorry but we can’t do that! It was once described by the sound guy in a London club as ‘flamboyant electronic pop’.

Tell us how you guys got together?

A mutual friend told me that Nick Rhodes was Ana’s dad (which obviously got me interested).

I can confirm he makes a mean veggie roast and has an extensive selection of Pouilly-Fume at the family home!

You’re a Scottish band based down south right? How did that happen?


You’ve got a couple textual themed aliases, what the thinking behind those?

We’re members of some minor literary societies, so it felt apt.

I believe you’ve got a new release on the way, how does the new material differ from your other output?

Do we? News to us.

Seriously though, there are some new tunes in the pipeline which are somewhat darker – strange as we’ve never felt so happy.

Think along the lines of ‘Pornography’-era Cure and Tears For Fears.

The ‘plan’ is for a concept album based around Victorian London but we’ll see if that ever happens.

What are your main influences and how do you feel they impact your sound?

At the start of the band, we just wanted to alleviate the boredom of the mundane by making music and doing some gigs.

Our main influences were the Pet Shop Boys, Eno, Human League, 80s Madonna and Orbital.

At moment we’re right into Gabriel-era Genesis and prog so the future should be uncertain.

We certainly don’t like most modern electronic music (although Lindstrom and Todd Terje are notable exceptions), it’s stale, turgid and in need of a painful death.

You’re back up in Scotland for a couple of homecoming gigs soon, tell us about those?

Mark:  I’m extremely excited about playing Ayr as it’s my hometown and it’s such an unusual place for a PoP show.

We’re doing the Ayr show to show support for the Basement Coffee House who I only wish had existed 15 years ago.

In Glasgow, we are playing Bar Bloc which is a fair venue to all artists who venture there (a rarity these days).

What can we expect from a PoP Campaign live show?

Offftt… Hopefully two people who have soaked up all the weekend’s booze with a big dinner!

We do try to get away from the tiresome laptop-cowering in modern electronic music.

Here’s a vid of us playing at an art gallery in Berlin:


After these gigs, what’s next for you guys?

No big plans – just doing it our way at our speed, playing gigs for the right reasons to the right people and avoiding morons in ‘the biz’.

Listen to their latest single ‘We Are We Living (Shut Yer Pie Hole)?’:

PoP Campaign play the Basement Coffee House in Ayr on October 27 and Bar Bloc on October 29.


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