Live review: New Years Resolution with Fatherson, Michael Cassidy at Tut’s, 16/1/13


It only takes a brisk walk up the stairs in Tut’s to realise the heritage and importance of the venue, stepping over some of the many great names to have graced the small stage over the years you can’t help but feel a sense of occasion – history at this seminal location is in no short supply.


Step forward Fatherson; who tonight are tasked with stepping up to the occasion of placing their mark next to the likes of Oasis and fellow hometown boys Biffy Clyro.

Up first, though, is the charming Michael Cassidy who endears those who show up early with some incredibly humble and warming acoustic tracks.

Cassidy jokes that the party will start after a number about his grandfather, there may not be Mexican waves in abundance, but there is certainly a large part of tonight’s crowd who are more than happy to let his seductively clean voice wash over them.

As his voice bends and croaks to the back of the room and smashes back into the microphone with wave after wave of delightful octaves, it is clear he will have won more than his fair share of new fans tonight.

For Fatherson & friends tonight is a mass celebration for those who have stuck by the band the past few years, having persevered with some massive support slots in 2011 and 2012, they start 2013 with their biggest headline set to date.

Joined onstage by at times a sextet strong brass section and string quartet, the Kilmarnock boys have a graced elegance about them tonight.

The altered arrangements turn crowd pleasers ‘James’ and ‘Gone Fission’ into absolute mammoth tracks of epic proportions, it is actually quite staggering how much new life is breathed into these old songs with the aid of a beautifully placed brass section.

The harmonics and dynamics of Fatherson have never sounded as sweet as they do tonight.

Ironically, the biggest cheer of the night is when the band declare onstage that they will finally get round to releasing an album this year.

The anticipation surrounding this release has been building over the past year, now with its inevitable landing – you can’t help but feel 2013 will fail to be anything but Fatherson’s year.

As the guitars begin to fade out and the last impeccable notes of Ross Leighton draw to a close for the final time, there is a contagious feeling amongst those in attendance that they were all a part of something very special tonight.

Words: Chris Kelman


4 thoughts on “Live review: New Years Resolution with Fatherson, Michael Cassidy at Tut’s, 16/1/13”

  1. They have actually headlined the Liquid Rooms and the Garage as well as selling out Tuts before. Get your facts right!

  2. Thanks for reading the review guys. It’s up for debate to which was the biggest gig. Garage show was a massive show for the band, no doubt about it. This gig just felt really special, though. Having two different sets and a far different line up to their average gig – with a sold out crowd who was eating it up. Fantastic night.

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