Record review: Jo Mango – Murmuration [Olive Grove]

Murmuration the new album from folk favourite Jo Mango is both beautiful and haunting.

Crisp and focused acoustic guitar lays a cozy blanket on which Mango sets her beautiful little voice over; using every syllable to gently sit you down and stop you in your tracks.

The haunting element of this record is further augmented by contrasting Mango’s almost childlike innocent voice with a true lyrical maturity, that is almost heartbreaking to listen to as she questions and advises.

The album is sprinkled with and array of wonderfully recorded acoustic instruments adding to the glowing intimacy of the record.

The tender swells laced with warm reverbs and unusual instruments are a real demonstration of Mango’s control and musical understanding.

Jo Mango is a true talent and this album should definitely be on your Christmas list, or even better, go and see her play to see a real master at work.

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Words: Paul Massie

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