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A Christmas Carousal with Malcolm Middleton, MC Almond Milk, Jo Mango at Platform, 15/12/17

Platform’s Annual Christmas Carousal presents an evening of incredible Scottish musicians whose songs confront feelings of comfort and joy in a year that seemed bleak and hopeless. Each songwriter explored the expectation of being happy in the harshness of winter, and questioned the conflict of feelings that seem to appear during the festive period. Jo Mango kicks … Continue Reading ››

Jo Mango and Friends – Wrack Lines [Olive Grove]

Curiously the story behind the Wrack Lines project is as interesting as the record itself, challenging a series of musicians to think about the environmental impact of their work, both touring and recording. The EP forms part of a research project called Fields of Green: Addressing Climate Change through Music Festival Communities, which seeks to encourage audiences, … Continue Reading ››

Fields of Green Song Writers Circle with Rachel Sermanni, Jo Mango, The Pictish Trail, RM Hubbert, Louis Abbott at Platform, 21/1/16

Easterhouse has a reputation as being a grim place, dogged by urban deprivation and lacking culture, however on Friday night within the stark modern walls of Platform five vibrant Scottish talents bathe this part of the city in the brilliant light of musical wonder. “The Fields of Green” is a collaboration of folk musicians brought together … Continue Reading ››

Label Focus: Olive Grove Records

Having two of Scotland’s top bloggers behind a record label seems to make a lot of sense, but when Lloyd Meredith (Peenko) and Halina Rifai (Podcart) started Olive Grove back in the summer of 2010 they were just dipping their toe in. Fast forward four years and they’re pretty well established and putting out … Continue Reading ››