Record review: The State Broadcasters – Ghosts We Must Carry [Olive Grove]

Ghosts We Must Carry has a melancholy running through it a bit like at the end of a particularly good day or a holiday, you’re glad to have had it but don’t want it to be over.

It’s a brilliant album of folky beauty that does occasionally verge on twee.

There are threads running through this album of loss and regret that the pretty melodies do their best to disguise.

In single ‘Kittiwake’ the lyrics “you were only 42 when I lost you/I havn’t clue what to do I’m so lonely” is nearly hidden in the piano melody and Graeme Black’s warm vocals.

The twin vocals of Black and harpist Gillian Fleetwood work perfectly together particularly on ‘The Writings on the Wall’, which is the most rock the album gets and has a defiant edge to it with Black singing “i’m not coming back” in a particularly determined manner.

These harmonies add a lot and help to flesh out the stripped back instrumentation.

This album has the kind of dreamy, hazy quality that makes it perfect for Sunday mornings or perhaps to soundtrack a country walk if you’re inclined to do such things.

It’s an album that you should take your time over, immerse yourself in and think about for maximum enjoyment.

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Words: Eala MacAlister

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