Record review: Discopolis – Summer Mixtape

Edinburgh electronic three-piece Discopolis put this free mixtape out for the summer following a successful year which has seem they feature heavily on festival bills and get much radio play.

Opener ‘Trivial Pursuits’ is a perfect summer hit as soaring synth combines with synth/vocal/guitarist Fergus Cook’s addictive and settling vocal hooks, it’s gloriously upbeat without loosing that chilled out vibe.

‘Live Like Sebastien’, a reworking of an early rarity, manages to keep the same vibe before moving into a mid section that could easily be inspired by Glasgow electronic experimentalists Errors.

Cook’s vocals are infectious and soothing through the first two tracks, but if the record’s opening finds you relaxed the latter half is where the band try to drag you to the dance floor.

‘Oso Abrazo’ starts with sharp spiking synths, but while it builds to shoegazing wonder, almost as stirring as early M83, when it threatens to thrust you onto the dancefloor it lulls into interesting yet uninspiring electronics.

Final track, and another reworking, ‘Bitches All Over Europe’ builds lovingly through layers of sound before it explodes into an infectious house beat that wouldn’t sound out of place at a packed Sub Club.

This record is a nice gesture, a present perhaps that gives you a free taster of Discopolis, but the band will know that they need to build on this is the projectory they’re on is to continue.

You can download the full Summer Mixtape free at

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