Record review: Mummy Short Arms – ‘Silicone Dream’ [Flowers in the Dustbin]

Mummy Short Arms exploded onto the scene in 2011, and over the past year have gathered momentous praise at a serious rate of knots.


Frontman James Allan possesses a unique sound, somewhat similar to that of Bill McCarthy of We Are Augustines or really early Kings of Leon.

‘Silicone Dream’ from debut album Old Jack’s Windowless Playhouse is a raucous, thrashing, monster of a track, that leaves you in little doubt that Mummy Short Arms aren’t shy about creating a presence.

It’s also quite refreshing to hear a local band without that usual Scottish twang or drawl that is ever-so popular at the moment.

There are some really catchy, whimsical guitar rifts in here too which work nicely alongside the aggressive vocal and pounding drums.


Words: Erica Lennie


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