Record review: Aerials Up – ‘The Old and the Innocent’ [Kittiwake]

Alan Kemlo‘s statement: “’The Old and the Innocent’ is about how quickly things can change,” rings true with the surge in popularity that the band that he fronts has developed in a short year since Aerials Up’s EP Superglue was released in the summer of 2011.


‘The Old and the Innocent’ is the seven-strong group’s second single release, following ‘I Am’ which reached the masses back in December.

Their latest offering is a punchy-pop record; melodic rock softened with a Celtic-twist provided by the violin (Cat Calton) and cello (Ruth Campbell).

Kemlo‘s lyrics are open yet personal: “There doesn’t necessarily need to be a million miles between people to create distance from each other and, even when you are close with someone, we rarely tell each other what we are going through,” he poignantly reveals.

The group have worked tirelessly over the last six months; at the beginning of the year they performed in Scotland, London and even North America, where they ground out six gigs over six days in Toronto.

With infectious folk-rock anthems such as this one Aerials Up is undoubtedly on the ascendency, or they would be if we didn’t hear the tragic news that they’d gone their separate ways recently.

Words: Ben Bookless


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