Record review: My Tiny Robots – ‘Zut Alors’ [Wood Thief Recordings]

‘Zut Alors’ is yet another promising single from Edinburgh’s My Tiny Robots this time built on melancholy and dark melodies that gradually portrays a damning anger.


Starting with a slow, haunting acoustic sound, it slowly develops into upbeat layers and is a fantastic second release this winter in a series of three from the four-piece.

This latest release has without a doubt proved any cynics wrong that the bands previous single ‘Guild of Defiants’ will be hard to match.

Continuing the powerful melodies and indie influence, ‘Zut Alors’ has proved that this band can develop their sound and displays the diversity of their song writing abilities.

The lyrics: “Father, why have you forsaken me?” are almost shouted on the record echoing the overall eerie melodies.

Where their past records hold a lighter and guitar based indie sound, this four minute single shows the band’s maturity and depth as well as capturing their flourishing artistry.

Words: Sarah Devine


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