Today’s news featuring French Wives, The Timorous Beasties Tour and more


French Wives release their second single from forthcoming debut album, Dream of the Inbetween, ‘Younger’, check their website for a download and watch the video above.


Anna MacDonald, Mike Nisbet, Little Fire and Rosie Bans go on The Timorous Beasties tour going all over Scotland and finishing in Glasgow on March 16 at The Roxy 171.

Turnkey Music presents its first ever unlocked night featuring Young Aviators, Copper Lungs, Marvel Heights, Roman Road at Sleazy’s, Match 15, 8pm, £4.

Spaced in the City present their first multi-arts show designed around the concept of ‘space within the city’ on March 31 at The Lighthouse, the live music element comes from The Cosmic Dead, Seventeenth Century, Adam Stearns and the Glass Animals, Friends in America, Kettle of Kites, Robin Adams, Los Tentakills, BeldinaO, Dead Boy Robotics, 6pm, £8.

The Pictish Trail is doing ‘almost’ a tour at the start of May, it starts in Glasgow on May 3 at the CCA with Kid Canaveral, 8pm, £8.

The Glad Cafe present Alasdair Roberts, Adam Stearns and the Glass Animals at the Kinning Park Complex on March 16, 7pm, £7.

New club night Loose presents The Bucky Rage, The Kosher Pickles, The Wrong Boyfriends at Stairway on May 26.

London indie pop trio The Waves Pictures play at Sleazy’s with support from How To Swim on March 22.

Breadcrumb Trail presents Betatone Distraction, Sun Dogs, Life On Standby at Pivo Pivo on March 25, 8pm, £3.

London experimental noise act Necro Deathmort play the 13th Note on April 22 with support from Guanoman and Tangles.

A wee short notice show from up and coming East Kilbride act Poor Frisco at Stairway tomorrow, 7pm, £5.


Divorce – ‘Horseheads’:


The Toi – ”Til the Morning Comes’, ‘Perfect Stranger’, ‘Save Me’:

Vasa – ‘Empty Orchestra’:

Mummy Short Arms – ‘Silicone Dreams’:


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