Record review: Homework – All That Glitters

Opener ‘Surfacing’ sets the scene by pulling together electronic influences and melting them into a post-punk pot, where a home grown vocal assures us and provides a travelling partner through big choruses.


‘Why Oh Why’ follows with thick, wobbly synth lines interjected by chirpy sonic squawks; it’s alright and a little throwaway but it fits in here.

On the other hand, ‘Fireworks’ is big; it’s the eighties coming back in, it’s mid-paced but epic – I can only imagine the lightshow that would accompany it.

‘Talk Down’ follows the same trodden path we’ve known up til now, until the end when it starts tailing off before beginning an ambitious coda.

It lends itself nicely to ‘Oceans’ that starts awkwardly, like an unexpected encore, the tone changes completely and we’re met with a creepy crawly number that sounds of place.

Closer ‘Foil’ is an ambient credit roll, it’s an aural cleanse for the ears, and a short and sweet way to end the EP – distortion mixed with glassy, bell-like tones. Nice.

Words: Matthew Slater


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