Live review: The Xcerts at Tut’s, 22/1/12

Lead singer, Murray Macleod quietly drags himself on stage while the crowd exults, shouts and screams, making Tut’s the most “boiling” place in Glasgow tonight.


The temperature is at -1°C outside, but the horde of youngsters attending the gig are already sweating with excitement, as Macleod opens with a soft version of ‘Home vs Home’ the audience reacts instantly and starts singing along while smoke pervades the stage.

Through this musical mist and after a few words of introduction, the full band appears on stage and for a couple of seconds silence floods the building, everybody is waiting, holding their breath; it is the calm before ‘Do You Feel Safe?’

The band show a lot of professionalism, even if the members are quite young, their maturity spreads through their performance.

The band puts on a good effort to promote new album Scatterbrain, from the heavy-bass driven ‘Hurt with Me’ to the nostalgic ‘Distant Memory’, the band proposes different aspects of their distorted pop.

The energy that the musicians put into those songs can be seen on their facial expressions and the happiness that irradiates the stage.

As Macleod expresses it, “a band and a crowd are two different entities, and it’s only together that we can make this thing move, and that’s a great feeling, so, thank you guys for that”.

As part of this commitment a shirtless member of the support, Flood of Red, is called on stage to act as a mannequin during ‘Slackerpop’.

But the band does not stop here and after dedicating ‘Young (Belane)’ to the youngest people in the crowd, Flood of Red is invited on stage for the final chorus of ‘Crisis in the Slow Lane’.

A final adrenaline pill is swallowed by the audience when ‘Carnival Time’ kicks off and after their last attempt to create a simile mosh pit, the young and now drenched-in-sweat spectators cool down as Macleod softly shouts, “i’m your new best friend/i’m your new haircut/i’m the alcohol that burns down your neck and into your guts”, from ‘Aberdeen 1987’ solidifying the connection between the band and the crowd.

Tonight performance shows a band ready to become bigger, a sign of their confidence, before their last song they ask the audience to judge a new track.

This second opus and this will to give everything to the audience every night will hopefully help them to succeed on this jam-packed rocky road.

Words: Jeremy Veyret


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