Live review: Pronto Mama at Stereo, 13/12/11

Pronto Mama seem to be the definition of ‘potential’ right now, the band seem to capture 30 years of Scottish music within three minute indie-rock songs, with nods as far apart as Postcard and The Proclaimers.


That’s not a simple reference to the thick rimmed glasses half the band sport but towards the thick love it or hate it accent the of the vocals, there’s really no denying that they’re Scottish.

The set opens with new single ‘Not Lost My Head’, tonight is the official release of the track however this doesn’t seem the priority as it’s only plugged once in a set filled with banter between the crowd and band, who giggle over inside jokes between songs.

‘Little Scheme’ creates a one-man mosh pit down front as a more dedicated fan attempts to spur the crowd into joining him, but most are content to nod and sing quietly along.

The band finishes with the debut of a new track which has all the energetic potential to wreak havoc at any festival next summer.

However, it’s the slower, mellow ‘Still Swimming’ that gains the best reaction from the small but tightly packed crowd with the conclusive “i love you” being echoed back to the stage.

Pronto Mama are a refreshing addition to Glasgow’s roster of indie guitar (with a little bit of trumpet and synth) bands.

They seem to enjoy performing together, smiling throughout the entire set which is over far too soon, not that it is short, but you could never tire of watching them bounce around the stage.

Keep an eye on this one in 2012, Pronto Mama are the sound of a modern Scotland that is very aware of its past.

Words: Ryan Sharpe (@ryn_sh)


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