Record review: The Mademoiselle – The Mademoiselle

An EP that contains a narrative, performed by a band that let the music do the talking; that’s a good start.


For better or worse, there’s a lack of hooks or sing-along choruses on The Mademoiselle, instead they rely upon the listener being there and going along with the music.

Opener ‘Stan And Lucy’ follows that formula, it’s engaging when it’s on, but give me five minutes and there’s no discernible hook aside from a small vocal reprise that I just adore the tone of.

‘Money’ falls under the same curse (or blessing?) relying on a rolling Happy Mondays pattern.

‘Ware Bitch From Hell (she will break my bones)’ is by far, the highlight of the EP, a moody, grunge anthem.

However, it’s a case of too little, too late to have any chance of salvaging the overall experience.

Altogether they’ve taken a bunch of songs that doubtlessly blow people away live, but haven’t been able to reproduce that energy, passion and excitement in the studio.

Words: Matthew Slater


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