Record review: Emily Scott – I Write Letters I Never Send

Emily Scott uses the ukulele like no one else.


Her jazzy, arpeggiated playing when combined with her quirky string compositions create the perfect setting on which her carefully weaved vocals can sit.

You may ask yourself about four or five tracks into the album weather there is much more you could really achieve using this musical set up but it seems Scott has managed to create something that keeps you listening and suspended in her musical musings.

I Write Letters I Never Send really is quite unique, it makes you want to take an aimless wonder around Edinburgh on a sunny day with your headphones on with Scott’s ukulele softly strumming in your ear.

It makes you think that there really should be more ukulele present when hearing a string quartet. It makes you smile and sink into your chair.

At first the album may seem to a little slow with opening track ‘As a Pattern’ serving as an introduction and then the opening and building ukulele patterns of ‘If I am a Thing’ backed up nicely with a softly mixed double bass.

Musically, vocally and lyrically this album offers something that many (if not the majority of) artists are unable to provide, a genuinely quirky and unique listening experience.

Something that actually draws you in and surprises you, something that takes what you expect to come next, considers it and shows you something even better.

‘I Saw You’ shows just how far Emily’s composition skills can stretch and final track ‘Comforting’ where it’s hard not to love the vocals and get lost in myriad of sounds that are sent your way.

Get this album, get a pair of headphones and go for a walk.

Words: Alex Hynes


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