Live review: Mummy Short Arms (single launch) at Pivo Pivo 12/11/11


Mummy Short Arms are never a band to fail at entertaining their audience and holding the venue captured.


Singer James Allan rightly owns the stage through erratically bopping about tranced by the music, and flopping his hair about at quite some speed.

He has the energy and stage presence of a young Jagger and a voice like Frank Black.

The band’s sound is unique with blues elements, funky jazz beats and raw, growling vocals.

These elements merge with the guitar heavy on effects, working fantastically across the night and Pivo Pivo is the perfect venue to hear every note within.

As the guys get ready to play, the crowd rapidly grows.

With beer in hand, Mummy Short Arms banter with the crowd before diving into their first song.

Straight away, the band’s energy is spread across the place, it’s hard not to fall under their spell and move with the fast paced beats.

Despite the continuous movements and obscure dancing, Allan surprises the crowd by still managing to wail some improvised blues harmonica.

The night is to promote their latest single ‘Change’ and the single is the last of the night and is well worth the wait.

It is imaginative, obscure and one to get the audience going, like most of their tracks.

This band are a must see live. Where their records are stunning, their energised performance is even better.

Words: Sarah Devine


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