Single review: Skinny Villains – Young Love & Green Eyed Monster

Hailing from Glasgow, Skinny Villains are a hotly tipped, shirted and braced young indie band, and they have just released a brand new double single. The two track single features the punchy ‘Green Eyed Monster’ and the tender ‘Young Love’, both of which tell the tales of the trials and elations of romance.


‘Green Eyed Monster’ opens with crashing guitar strikes, pacing bass and distorted vocals that belie the band’s Glasgow origins. This opening builds up an uncertain tension which is broken by a sharp, frenetic change of pace reminiscent of early Franz Ferdinand. Again, the track slows down at the chorus where the lyrical perils of dangerous desire ring out across crunchy guitar. The track continues to a close with a Screeching solo, duelling guitar and a down tempo breakdown.

‘Young Love’ is slower and calmer, describing a more tender type of desire. As the track begins with a mellow bass and choppy, melodic guitar the pace is for the rest of the song is set. With its bright guitar notes, rolling percussion and sing-along vocals the song is catchy and danceable, making the track a perfect summer anthem.

Skinny Villains are certainly a band on the rise and if they continue to make music like this, it won’t be long before they make it.

Words: Catriona Reilly


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