Live review: Where We Lay Our Heads, Lovers Turn To Monsters support Grandfather Birds @ Bar Bloc

“The best thing about Bloc is how late it runs” Kyle, aka Lovers Turn To Monsters, tells me nearly an hour after he was due to take the stage. It’s true as well, I don’t think I’ve ever seen any sets on time at Bloc, but no harm done really, although maybe if people need to get buses or trains.


I’ve seen Kyle play countless times and the set is always a charm whether or not something goes slightly wrong, which it usually does. Tonight he’s on good form though, only two songs need restarting due to late preparation, but his quirky banter sees him through. His lo-fi pop delights seem to be registering in the right areas these days and hopefully we’ll see him playing to more of a crowd in future.

A Loudon Wainwright cover over a pretty much Outkast drumbeat forms a new standout, among plenty of older ones, whether it’s only being aired cos Kyle’s getting seeing him tomorrow is questionable though and hearing it again might be unlikely as the boy is pushing 150 tracks to choose from these days.

Next up are Where We Lay our Heads, a five-piece that has built up a fair reputation over such few gigs. Tonight is the first time I see them and everything seems to go wrong; drummer problems, sound problems, still the music shines through.

There’s plenty to pick up of quality through all the issues, delightful indie pop songs that occasionally turn a touch heavy create a wonderfully diverse balance in what you get for nil pounds entry but expensive pints. Plus, the regular four pronged vocal attacks are enough to engage anyone in the attendance. I certainly look forward to seeing them in future minus any issues.

I feel passing mention should be given to Newcastle’s Grandfather Birds who are tonight’s headliner. Although the site is giving a focus to Scottish music these guys put on a great show despite their blatant fragile state and diminishing audience. The four-piece produce a brand of folk pop that it is hard to dislike and I’m sure we won’t have seen the last of them.


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  1. nice little review. we had a lot of fun at bloc, and i loved both “lovers turn to monsters” and “where we lay our heads” . we all came away with the impression that NCL and glasgow have a similar ethos when it comes to local music. it’s all about supporting your mates and establishing a non-bias and communal scene. i hope to see both these bands down here soon, if not back in glasgow very soon. cheers! stuart (grandfatherbirds)

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