Live review: Take A Worm For A Walk Week album launch at CCA 7/4/11


The CCA isn’t often used for shows like this but it can’t be argued that tonight’s show was affected for the negative, in fact a wee seat up the back from time to time is pretty nice.

Graeme Ronald is up first and the man we all know as Remember Remember treats to some mesmerising vocal collages. Opening with a piece that builds from nothing to be announce “please, shut the fuck up” in a constant loop could be the perfect way to introduce yourself. Ronald is definitely here to impress and his stained almost desperate acappela certainly does that, and when his guitar finally gets an airing we get treated an inspired Madonna cover. Brilliant!

Next up are OV who all I knew about was they feature member of The Unwinding Hours and DeSalvo, odd yet intriguing combo certainly, I was told to expect some “satanic drone” and that isn’t far off what is delivered. Played on the backdrop o Kenneth Anger footage with more satanic overtones, the show is brilliantly entertaining as vocalist P6 seems to be speaking in tongue while his cloaked disciples fill the room with drone. It does get all a bit intense and it’s almost like being trapped in the Black Lodge at times but there’s an underlying humour that sets this off brilliantly.

Then it’s onto the headliners, TAWFAWW have a new album and sell out of the new album in the same night but on tonight’s showing it is hard to argue with why. Their brand of very Scottish hardcore comes drenched in humor. Frontman Joe Quimby just begs to be watched his relentless patter “you talking down the front did you order fresh penis?”, his facial expressions, everything about the performance is hilarious.

The songs aren’t bad either, in fact they’re pretty good, I’m yet to hear the new album yet but I look forward to it. It’s hardcore but a touch more to the pop side of some hardcore on the scene, but not in that pussy whiney vocal sense, in a good gruff Scottish way. Plus, everyone is up for it tonight, fun seems to fill the room and even as it gets a bit rowdy down the front there are smiles stuck across everyone faces, that’s until it gets bit heavy down at Bloc later on (I wasn’t there but I’ve heard).

This night is pretty much a great example of why Glasgow is such a great city for music, all three of the acts deliver amazing performances but from different completely angles. If you don’t know these bands, well get to know them!

Photos: Amandine Eap

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