Live review: Brain Burner presents Hivver, Helhesten & Fritz Welch, Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo, Blue Sabbath Black Fiji at the Liquid Ship 13/3/11

Tonight Brain Burner presents another wonderful night of entertainment, the bi-weekly Sunday night at the Liquid Ship in its third event presents a wonderful line up of Hivver, Helhesten & Fritz Welch, Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo, Blue Sabbath Black Fiji.


Unfortunately I turned up a touch late and missed what was to be one of few Hivver shows in Glasgow this year but as I entered the venue I am pleasantly surprised with the sound experiment that Buffalo Buffalo are conducting.

Neil and Mike brought along 20 cassette recorders each containing a one minute loop of tape which all had prerecorded sound on them this evening and invited the crowd to record their own sounds and then use them all to make some music.

The experiment which in a whole is very interesting brings a kind of pleasant yet awkward ambiance to the room, with many people seemingly not knowing whether to take the sounds as a background noise or to stand in silence and listen. I assume it was supposed to be someplace in the middle but I missed the start sadly. Regardless the experiment seems a piece of fun and the sounds produced are all on the pleasant side.

Helhesten & Fritz Welch are up next and carry on the slightly odd them as the launch an intense, bewildering assault on the Liquid Ship. For the majority of the set my vision is obscured but once I get a clearer view things come more into focus, a collection of odd sounds made perfectly with a wide range of instruments all brought together by the superbly by the presence of their frontman contorting in front of the crowd seemingly reading a collection of mind boggling vocal noises from a sheet of paper.

The set is captivating and all a bit much at the same time, leaving a gobsmacked crowd in awe before BSBF take to the stage. The duo don’t let down either as they take the chaos to new levels of volume and split the venue into a combination of captivated onlookers and unorganised dancing.

There’s something about BSBF that make them so easy to watch playing live, maybe it’s the fact they look as if they’re enjoying themselves so much or maybe it’s just them seem to be pushing the soundtrack for party that is into that messy stage. Tonight is no different and as they get rise through to finish a never stopping set they leave to room in an awkward silence with the question looming whether they are done or not? They are done, and soon the room fills with their praises.

Brain Burner has put of some very solid shows here over the last month or so and it’s doesn’t look like stopping too soon. In two weeks time there’s a superb line up featuring The Radiation Fuck, UG! and Messiah Complex and I’m informed (by the very flattering Stevie Coulter) a couple of weeks after that they’re putting on Wounded Knee and theapplesofenergy, so more wonderful times to come! Get yourself along it doesn’t cost a penny.


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