Record review: Miss The Occupier – Sharpening Guillotines

Opener ‘The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things’ is an angular, mid-paced tune providing an excellent introduction for what’s to come.


The song cascades into layers and layers of instrumentation at one minute in before pulling back, rinsing and repeating the formula.

‘You Know It’s Vulgar’ follows the same mid-paced-angular ethos with the female vocals and instrumentation more tuneful, more melodic this time round.

Mid-way through we reach ‘Short Sight’, a short, two-minute track that acts as a line in the sand on this release.

Part two resumes with ‘Whilst I Stared’ that’s a little post-punk compared to the first half – more grown up with less youthful energy; that’s a compliment, there’s a darker edge to the music that wasn’t present before.

The album closes with ‘All Day’ that takes that sexy, vampire vision from ‘Whilst I Stared’ and disrupts that vision further; it proves a ferocious and fiery conclusion to a great record.

Words: Matthew Slater


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