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Sarah Davachi, Luminous Monsters, Bell Lungs at The Glad Cafe, 2/8/17

Ceylan Hay, performing as Bell Lungs, opens with ‘Inside A Prism’, a haunting piece, which sounds as if it’s emanating from a ruined cathedral on some long-abandoned island. Its plaintive vocal harmonies are punctuated only by the chiming of small bells, wielded by initiated fans amongst the … Continue Reading ››

Luminous Monsters – On Rubied Talons

Luminous Monsters, purveyor of fine suspense-filled sound-selections, the perfect accompaniment to a night of tantric rituals, esoteric initiations, conjurations, divinations, and D&D sessions. We have for example the initial sonic-summoning ‘Kundalini Engine’, a sinister pseudo-Indonesian gamelan, slowly, near glacially accompanied by a drone n drill-scape of increasing intensities, until, finally, our chakras are revved up with … Continue Reading ››

Record review: Luminous Monsters – Golden Scales, Blazing Plumage

Big, thick, analogue abrasion. Loud, soaring, warm distortion. It’s noise that’s full of optimism - it’s Luminous Monsters. His new release Golden Scales, Blazing Plumage is awash with bright colours, and simply put, is one of the best instrumental records I’ve ever heard. It may delve into darkness along … Continue Reading ››