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Fiona Soe Paing – Alien Lullabies [Colliderscope]

How do you review an album such as Alien Lullabies? You could talk about what it sounds like, which other than slight hints of Fever Ray, Boards of Canada, and at times Underworld, is not very much really. You could talk about the lyrics, but considering that Fiona Soe Paing sings largely in Burmese, and Google Translate … Continue Reading ››

Fiona Soe Paing – Heartbeat [Hotgem]

Fiona Soe Paing’s single ‘Heartbeat’ carries on the dark, dirty downtempo sound that was found on her previous EP, Tower of Babel, and is tighter, maybe even creepier, but certainly less delirious sounding. Despite being not quite as experimental as some of her previous work (seriously, the ‘Tower of Babel’ is one of the most unexpectedly … Continue Reading ››