Jane Weaver, MALKA at Tut’s, 8/11/21

There’s a buzz of excitement around the sold out crowd tonight as they wait crammed into the bar waiting for the things to open up, every show I’ve been to post lockdown has finished pre 10pm, this one sees our headliner not take to the stage til that time.

Before that we get a glimpse of Glasgow’s own MALKA who’s been on the last few dates of the tour, tonight she plays as a duo with Suse Bear on synth duties. She opens on her set with the percussive cacophony of track ‘Eyes on the Prize’ and it sets the tone for a set full of pop bangers with plenty of intriguing twists.

This is MALKA’s first hometown gig since the pandemic and seems to be enjoying playing to a full house, taking the opportunity to talk about her battle with long COVID and the sad passing of Beldina Onassis (Heir of the Cursed) just the day before. Set closer ‘Alive’ seems to bring all the elements of her sound together as relentless harsh synth tones collide with a soaring chorus and pop hooks. It’s a satisfying set, but does leave you wanting to witness what this could be with a full band behind her.

Jane Weaver is on album number 12 now, and boy was it a special one, Flock which came out during lockdown and sees the Liverpulian singer going down her most pop route to date but still remaining quintessentially her own sound. Indeed, tracks from Flock make up the vast majority of the set as early set appearances of the twist pop of funk laden ‘Pyramid Schemes’ and ‘The Revolution of Super Visions’ sets things off for a glorious set.

The whole set blasts with urgency as Weaver’s band look in their element while the singer herself just seems at ease as she interacts with the crowd, whether bemoaning her new EP’s only digital release blaming the delays on vinyl on Elton John and Adele, which a cynical yet tongue in cheek tone or introducing ‘Modern Kosmology’ by sort of arguing with herself whether it’s appearance in Killing Eve was good or it, case and point it is good.

A few other older number make their way into the set, but Flock is the star of the show tonight, album closer ‘Solarised’ is a particular highlight as the twinkling space synth of the track shouts Kylie arena smash hit as much as it does feels right at home tonight in Tut’s. It’s a set that really encompasses the success of the album and as she leaves the stage having played most of the numbers you’d expect to hear you’re left questioning whether an encore would come, it does though as she closes with ‘Don’t Tell Me I’m Wrong’ from her new Sunset Dreams EP, which builds to an uplifting wall of sound that sets us off into the night to try and find a way home after all the initially listed ScotRail services suddenly don’t exist any more.

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