Ashleigh – Sex Tapes

Ashleigh’s latest EP Sex Tapes is a sensual exploration of female empowerment and sexuality. 

‘Coming Up Roses’ is a great introduction to this EP, which is a loaded appeal to the senses. Snappy guitar cuts the lulls between verses, reflecting the mood and transformation Ashleigh takes on over the course of the track. While Ashleigh’s vocals linger, enticing listeners and drawing them into a celebration of female pleasure.

Sex Tapes rejects the shame placed around sex and female pleasure. This EP is a brilliant reclamation of female sexuality and reflection of female empowerment. 

‘Kama Sutra’ continues the sexy tone of this EP with an introduction that wouldn’t be out of place in Ariana Grande’s back catalogue. Every time Ashleigh sings on, there is a palpable build in intimacy and it’s easy to believe she is whispering in your ear. Ashleigh’s lyrics and delivery are cheeky but sensual, and definitely support her bid to be treated like royalty.

Ashleigh playfully uses music to reflect the natural human rhythm of sex and intimacy, while her lyrics paint the picture of a woman at the height of her power who knows her worth and where to find her own joy.

The whole EP is a masterful flip of heteronormative sexual power dynamics, but most noteworthy in this endeavour is ‘Holy’. A subversion of religious imagery and submissive femininity, ‘Holy’ features a sumptuous beat that will transport listeners to a dance floor packed with writhing bodies. The music is as infectious as the lyrics and is guaranteed to make you want to dance as Ashleigh spell-binds you and takes over your body.

‘Elevator’ is the excellent climax of Sex Tapes, continuing to showcase Ashleigh’s unapologetic pursuit of pleasure. An excellent rounding out of this wry but powerful group of tracks.

Sex Tapes is filled with promise and is an outstanding collection from one of Scotland’s ones to watch. This EP is the perfect make out album or a great soundtrack for when you’re feeling yourself. Just pray your walls aren’t paper thin.

Words: Naomi Head

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