Post Coal Prom Queen – PCPQ

Post Coal Prom Queen’s EP PCPQ is a sci-fi dreamscape filled with carefully crafted electronic beats blended with natural sounds from Gordon Johnstone and the haunting vocals of Lily Higham. Higham and Johnstone weave a brilliant tale in this beautiful collection of tracks.

Listeners are immediately transported to the future with ‘Tomorrow’s Garden’. As dramatic as it is atmospheric, the lead track of PCPQ starts as a beautiful portrait of a slowly dissolving utopian future.

Higham’s lyrical storytelling is perfectly layered over Johnstone’s sweeping soundscapes demonstrating how the duo has matured and evolved since their L-space days. Cut with bird song and Higham’s ethereal vocals all the elements that make Post Coal Prom Queen’s sound unique are expertly brought together to create this sophisticated lo-fi sound. The whole album juxtaposes nature with industrial and electronic sounds, and yet there is a harmony found between the two spaces with Lily’s vocals a stellar uniting force.

‘Salt’ is a haunting and desperate track in which it is easy to feel the fear of those facing the climate crisis. Higham’s writing is matter of fact and her delivery is deliberate and ghostly as the music continues to ebb and flow along with the waves that make streets disappear.

‘Wait Wait Dig’ is urgent and powerful, absorbing listeners into the complex world Post Coal Prom Queen has crafted. Starting off with dreamy sounds that would be at home in the forest, the track immediately steps up a notch with excellent soundscape building from Johnstone. As ‘Wait Wait Dig’ builds, listeners are taken through an urgent escape from reality.

PCPQ is a science fiction lover’s dream. The scenes Post Coal Prom Queen paint serve as a reminder that nature will outlast us, but there is a deep respect here and a true acknowledgement of the beauty and power of the natural world.

‘Faraday Cage for One’ is the perfect ending for PCPQ and completes what feels like a surreal journey through a science fiction fever dream. Higham’s vocals linger and she lulls her audience into the Faraday cage with promises of freedom and peace. But actually ‘Faraday Cage for One’ highlights what many have been feeling for the past 18 months, isolated and lonely.

PCPQ is a fearless look at loneliness and disconnection, providing listeners the chance to reconnect with nature through an amalgamation of organic texture and mechanical beats.

This exciting EP has been released alongside Post Coal Prom Queen’s collaborative project with Hidden Door Arts, Utopia. 

Words: Naomi Head

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