Raveloe – Notes and Dreams [Olive Grove]

Earlier this year Glasgow-based singer songwriter Kim Grant shared her new creative project, which has taken the form of Notes and Dreams –an EP which she has released under Raveloe.

Each of the five tracks take us on a smooth journey, instilling a sense of reflection, peace and serenity. Amidst the difficult times that we are living through, we must be grateful to artists such as Raveloe who offer us an escape from our woes, as she does so successfully in Notes and Dreams. 

The EP opens with ‘Abalone’, a mesmerising fusion of intricate acoustic guitar and haunting vocals. Atmospheric harmonies float in the background, mirroring a gentle yet high-pitched wind which weaves throughout. ‘Abalone’ places the listener in a vast, open space, providing the luxury to encourage our minds to wander in any direction it chooses.

‘Old Tree’ is reminiscent of happy memories spent in the freedom of nature. Percussion and guitar build to a gentle crescendo in the track’s chorus conveying heightened emotion as we are welcomed to filter through our own personal memories and focus upon calmer, more positive times. 

Notes and Dreams concludes with ‘Steady’, where we witness Raveloe moving away from the folk-heavy sound into an experimentation with rock and grunge. This juxtaposition between the track’s opening and close highlights the versatility of Raveloe’s musicality as well as her incredible talent. 

Words: Orla Brady

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