ST.MARTiiNs – ‘do ur words’

‘do ur words’ is the new self-released track from the incredible pop sensations ST.MARTiiNs, who have evolved a sound that is unique and stands out amongst the crowd.

The Dundonian duo have started off 2018 with their best foot forward, creating an upbeat song with downbeat lyrics, which perfectly encapsulates how difficult it can be to navigate hidden meanings behind other people’s words.


The lead singer has stunning vocals which have mystic, charming qualities that add to the already unique and incomparable sound the duo have.

‘do ur words’ is very cleverly crafted dark pop with intriguing lyrical and rhythmical hooks that keep your attention focused.

The track could easily be an instant hit as its catchy and relatable; it’s fun and energetic with hints of dark tones throughout, a contrast that adds to the mystique of the song and the duo themselves.

ST.MARTiiNs are continuing to show themselves to be real contenders in the music scene with their style and refreshingly unique sound.

Words: Shannon Cullen


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