FRANKY’S EVIL PARTY – ‘Dolph Lundgren’

FRANKY’S EVIL PARTY rose from the embers of Dumfriesshire’s Brat and The Bonemen and to say their music is alternative seems understated.

Following the release of their first single ‘Disco Inferno’, which put a strong marker down for their new direction, their new release ‘Dolph Lundgren’ cements their reputation for unorthodox individuality.


Strong pounding rhythms, wailing guitars and driving vocals take us in to the world inhabited by FRANKY’S EVIL PARTY.

Infectious riffs, uncomfortable lyrics and haunting melodies create a hunger for more, although I don’t think I could handle one of their parties, even if it’s ‘The Hottest Party in Town’.

The raw energy and emotion of their live performance, particularly in Josh’s vocals, translate well in to this latest instalment.

Keep an eye out for their journey, which you can expect to be unconventional to say the least.

Words: Derek McCutcheon


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