KAPUTTis a new and very exciting band from Glasgow, consisting of five members from already well-known bands like Breakfast Muff, Hairband, Joyce Delaney, Lush Purr and The Bellybuttons.

With a combination like this the expectations for the band’s first EP are already pretty high, but right from the first riff of ‘Carnage Hall’ it becomes clear that Demo 2017is a lively and innovative take on the post-punk genre.


Highly energetic cacophony of sounds works well with at times calm, but progressively more aggressive vocals and sudden changes of rhythm throughout the track make it unpredictable yet intriguing.

The tempo increases and the track gets louder and louder until it drops to the main riff that nicely wraps up the dynamic track.

‘Feed My Son’ and, according to lead vocalist Cal Donnelly, it is about ownership of far more than one needs; the energetic track uses catchy guitar and saxophone riffs, seemingly one of KAPUTT’s trademarks, to accompany the social commentary.

‘You Are Buried with My Nose’ is one of the darker songs, inspired by the uneasy feeling of seeing someone passing away who genetically has the same nose as you.

After a short, but serene saxophone intro the guitars and drums come into the picture and bring back the already familiar energy and colourfulness that runs through the entire Demo 2017.

Fast and steady drumming and the bass on the ‘Hi! I’m the Wasp’ create a sound reminiscent of a busy beehive, but it soon turns into something more out of a film with the extremely well-fitting saxophone.

Demo 2017 is a very refreshing and amusing EP, bringing post-punk sounds back into the Glasgow music scene and making KAPUTT one of the new bands that everyone should keep their eye on.

Words: Goda Bujaviciute


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