Fotzepolitic – ‘Blue Sky Tribe’

Fotzepolitic was a Cocteau Twins track on their 1990 Heaven Or Las Vegas album, the Cocteau’s having a habit of not using proper language however in the case of Fotzepolitic it directly translates as “cunt politics”.

Glasgow/Aberdeen based band Fotzepolitic certainly have strong political views as evidenced by their single ‘Blue Sky Tribe’, a commentary unfortunately all too real about the United States role in world politics and the blind faith in the righteousness of the American war machine walking hand in hand with Wall Street.


Fotezepolitic are a post punk electro outfit and this track is very reminiscent of early 80’s electro punk via Depeche Mode/Human League with a leaning towards German electro industrial.

Swirling harmonies float behind the lyrics, which are the main focus – telling us of the cunning scheming politics and belief in the dominance over others.

B-side, ‘Red Orchestra’ tells of a world on a downward spiral where “we have failed ourselves again” and the “men” have sold our nation.

It is a more anthemic song where the vocals sit more with the ambient atmospheric electronic organ style; bleak lyrics maybe telling us how it is.

Fotzepolitic have a deep-layered complex sound with an emphasis on the electronic, which is dark and bleak and with strong views on the science of government (or maybe just America).

Words: Derek McCutcheon


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