OCEVNS – ‘Open Arms’

‘Open Arms’ is the latest release from alternative rockers OCEVNS.

Formally known as Enemies of the State, they have built up a loyal fanbase citing politics as a main influence behind the band, the band renamed themselves OCEVNS retaining their original sound but adding some more poetic sounds to their music.


‘Open Arms’ shows off the incredibly powerful vocals of Kriss Tennant, starting off gentle, the anthemic chorus hits the listener in the sweet spot.

Simple statements made in a very big way are at the heart of this song.

This self produced record shows how talented and how far this band has come since they started in 2012.

The accompanying video, produced by the masterful Stuart Breadner, captures the essence of this song by echoing power and drama in a subtle and elegant manner.

Having already begun their promotional run at Broadcast on December 1st, 2018 looks to be an incredibly prosperous year for the band.

Words: Shannon Cullen


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