Pronto Mama – ‘Bully March’

As a stand-alone single, ‘Bully March’ strides the line finely between the expected and the unexpected, the typical and the atypical, the tightly structured and the loosey-goosey.

Martin Johnson’s cerebrospinal fluid pressurising drums allow the song to flit well along axes of timing and feeling.


The typical emo elements are well balanced by the bands fairly unique usage of brass, whilst the vocals work well to ground the song and inject emotion.

At times, the song can sound like fairly boring Scottish indie, mirroring other bands, but these moments are quickly subverted with more original and interesting sequences.

The synth laden bridge towards the end of the increases the likelihood that the new will become the repeat listeners.

That being said, it’s likely that most people hearing this are already aware of Pronto Mama; coming off the back of the exquisitely executed album Any Joy, and playing all sorts of places all over the place, Pronto Mama are hard to ignore – and for good reason.

‘Bully March’ is as good an example as any other of the bands talent and chemistry, but they are truly a band to be experienced live.

Words: Paul Aitken


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