Foggy City Orphan – ‘Fake News Blues’

Foggy City Orphan hit a topical newsfeed and social propaganda nerve with their latest single ‘Fake News Blues’.

From Glasgow and comprising brothers Paul and John McLinden on vocal and guitar and school mates Stephen Sweeney on drums and Michael Valente on bass, FCO are a potent force of off kilter indie; the single is taken from their debut, and Paul Savage produced album.


A veritable frenzy of spiralling, rapid fire, short sharp indie rock, belittling the self-credited POTUS construct of the current state of the “lie infested” media network.

“Let me be the first to debunk….” declare the Orphans “the idea that the Titanic was sunk” and so ensues a series of denounced historical facts including the Berlin Wall and the four minute mile. Preposterous ideas all! And as we all now know, it “didn’t happen, didn’t happen, it didn’t happen…”

FCO have already carved themselves a niche in the Glasgow music scene, a vivid and explosive mix on stage, the energy is captured expertly here in 2’44 of pure agitprop articulate indie rock.

The tension builds to a pulsating terracing chant, raging against all the machinery and stamping a boot hard in the face of those gullible believers “it never happened to me so it never happened to you”.

Its partner in this release is ‘A Lifetime in the Night Time’ find a more harmonious and considered slot to fit, still maintaining the familiar FCO offset jangle and syncopated rhythm, the haunting harmonies support a dark and menacing lyric, a foreboding and self-destructive series of events will certainly ensue whist she “only looked in mirrors when she held a rolled up note”.

For all its darkness, it has an uplifting and almost stadium rock chorus, which the band will surely revel in having sung back at them many times in the future.

Two tracks of contrasting structure and mood, united by a common thread of quality and accessibility.

Words: Bobby Motherwell


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