The Van T‘s – Bitter Sweet [LAB]

Glaswegian surf-rock band The Van T‘s bless us with new catchy single ‘Bitter Sweet’; the second single the four-piece have released in 2017, a follow up to the energetic and loud ‘Fresh Meat’.

In comparison to ‘Fresh Meat’, their latest release is calmer, but the band still remain loyal to their harmonies and guitar heavy instrumentals.

The track begins with a fuzzy guitar riff, however after the first ten seconds the listener is up for a pleasant surprise, as the rhythm undergoes a sudden change.

It doesn‘t take a lot of replays to get into the song and the chorus is quite addictive, making you sing along with the twins Chloe and Hannah Van Thompson.

‘Bitter Sweet’ is another sweet (but not bitter) addition to The Van T‘s catalogue and it sure must be a fun track to be heard played live, especially by a band with as good live chops as these guys.

Words: Goda Bujaviciute

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