Mount Kimbie at The Art School, 30/10/17

Returning to Glasgow to play a live show, for many bands, can be somewhat of a nostalgia trip or a chance to dwell on past glories, however Mount Kimbie have been known to drive forward and expand new genres and ideas about music.

It’s no surprise then that they make the decision to showcase new material early on during tonight’s set.


Having recently released Love What Survives on Warp Records earlier this year, the band delves right into material cherry-picked from this LP.

‘Four Years and One Day’ is up first and its business as usual with spacey synths and repetitive organ arrangements.

The band is immediately plunged into darkness with some mood lighting and the odd strobe light.

Followed quickly by ‘Marylyn’, which has a slow, melodic opening that sounds like someone has bounced a ping-pong into a room full of wood chimes, it’s a good reference point as to how far the band have come since their debut album Crooks & Lovers was released back in 2010.

Back then the band where know for pioneering the ‘post dub-step’ movement and focused more on heavy bass and drum leanings.

The slow, ambient grumble of the bass, atmospheric synths and cymbals and the dreamlike vocals of Dominic Maker echo around the room and it couldn’t be further away from the electronic throb that made Mount Kimbie popular on the club scene a few years back.

At the point it’s worth mentioning that the band has in place a great visual backdrop for this song – however for the majority of the set it remains off; with music that is so layered and multifaceted it would have been nice to have a bit more of a visual reference going on throughout the set.


Tonight, as to be expected, the room is full of a motley crew of art school students, dance enthusiasts and some 90’s tracksuit wearing cool kids.

So, when the opening bars of ‘Audition’ play, which does more than just doff its cap to early Metronomy records, it gets a fair whack more than just a warm reception.

With Kai Kampos brandishing the bass guitar and Maker hunched over a multitude of synths and organs you can tell the band are enjoying playing the new material to a live audience.

A good sign considering this is only day three of a European tour that will see them travel to places like; Berlin, Barcelona and Warsaw.

More new material that goes down well is ‘Delta’ with its poppy upbeat tempo reminiscent of Bjork and Fridge.

‘Blue Train Lines’ is the set finale, again leaning more towards the lyrical direction that the band have taken, even managed to inspire a bit of a sing along amongst the audience; a perfect way to end an innovative set.

Words/Photos: Ang Canavan


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