Lapalux, Egopatterns at Stereo, 12/10/17

Although I’m a fan of Lapalux and of Glasgow’s Egopatterns, gigs like these are always a bit unusual.

You know where you stand and how you behave at certain types of gig, whereas these ones are harder to define.


I think it has something to do with the fact that people want to dance and make some noise, but are also there out of respect for the craft and a desire to see the songs come together before them.

Musicians like these tend to get a lot of respect, particularly when their performance highlights their skill.

The first musician to highlight their skill with their performance is Egopatterns, whom I have seen three times this year.

This performance is far and away the best, playing only unreleased material which subtly directed towards Lapalux’s sound so as to create a seamless transition between artists – truly a good move as a supporting performer.

Egopatterns is a particularly engaging artist because it’s clear at all times where the noise is coming from.

There is no standing back and fist-pumping here, in fact there doesn’t seem to be a lapse in concentration nor a cessation of intense button mashing and dial-twiddling.

Rounding off the set on a remix of George Benson’s ‘Hear Say’, Egopatterns truly warm up the growing crowd.

Wonderfully apt electronic music is played between sets, the crowd is not too large and people are milling around enjoying the atmosphere in Stereo – which is always quite distinct.

Before long, Lapalux takes to the stage.

The projector behind the performer helps to convey the unique aesthetic of Lapalux, but the most important thing is the sound, which is replete with the same unbounded depth and complexity that we hear on record.

The mass of the sound Lapalux makes is unparalleled, the production on his latest album testifies to this.

It is not that it is too loud, merely that the sound within its volume is amazingly dense.

Like Egopatterns, there is no question as to the efficacy of the artist.

If you pay attention, you can see what difference is made with which action.

Given that, it is truly impressive that the vast range of sounds can be balanced so harmoniously.

Playing through a wide range of his work, Lapalux blends each song into the next in often unexpected ways, keeping things fresh and different – making seeing the live performance well worth the price.

The energy of the crowd is – as you might have expected – difficult to quantify.

It is a shame that if it were a few hours later and some DJ were simply playing the songs we were listening to, the crowd would have been in a much fuller, less reserved swing – but some people are dancing to themselves whilst others are standing, quietly watching.

It is a hard one, but at the very least everyone seems to enjoy themselves – not least the performers.

All told, Lapalux makes for a fantastic showcase of electronic music.

Egopatterns’ supporting set feels more like an appetiser than a separate meal, and with the main course of Lapalux, the evening makes for a very fulfilling dinner indeed.

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Words: Paul Aitken
Photos: Allan Lewis


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