Real Ghosts – Beast Magnet

Real Ghosts is a relatively new project fronted by Kenny Leckie, formerly of hyper aggressive Glasgow face melters Carnivores and Beast Magnet is their debut EP, recorded at Vibe Mountain and Glassworks Studio .

Joined by William Jamieson on guitar, Grant MacCall on bass and Calum Wilson on drums, the quartet have put together a debut EP that’s not huge on refinement but makes up for it exuberance and willingness to try on plenty of styles.


It’s rather pedestrian lyrics might not quite match up to the explosive guitar and keys that open ‘Born Broken’, but ‘I Heard You Paint Houses’ has a rough and ready charm, putting a melodic twist on distorted US hardcore and building to a stomp-along mosh pit filler of a bridge that bizarrely cuts back into a power-pop finale.

The gothic title track has plenty of drama to its verses but it’s rather undercut by Leckie delivering the chorus hook in a strange drawl seemingly drawn from decades of hardcore bands.

Instead it’s left to ‘Nowhere is Everywhere’ to deliver an explosive display of firework-in-a-dustbin dynamics, that’s sure to leave live audiences knackered but happy and the epic closer ‘Sometimes I Need to Disappear’.

Tackling a seven-and-a-half minute epic with multiple different sections, and multiple vocal tracks is an ambitious undertaking for any band, never one as freshly minted as this and it may be the track on the EP that mosts divides listeners, but growling central riff is a strong one and if you’re in a limb flailing mood it’s lopsided, on-the-verge-of-collapse structure has an unaffected charm to it that belies the abrasive sound.

Not necessarily magnetic but sure certainly exerting a pull.

Words: Max Sefton


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