Premiere: Long-Distance – ‘Grail’

‘Grail’ is the debut single from Glasgow based Long-Distance, which dropped in March, and it’s our pleasure to bring you the video for the same track.


The video features the band playing shrouded in darkness, cut between imagery of an individual going through their entire life (from baby to teen to adult) running from headlights along a dark road, before everything, well the car, eventually catches up to them.

It’s a moving video, which could be taken in many ways, although the obvious message seems to be not to spend your life running from something as the melancholy vocal refrain of “I could be the grail that saves you” seems tinged with loss.

The subject matter of the single deals with those everyday obstacles that hold us back from fulfilling ourselves and the band capture this mood with an emotional excellence that shimmers through the ambient pop vibes of the track.

A strong debut effort from Long-Distance, who promise a string of singles and videos over the remainder of the year.


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