The Bellybuttons – Wires

Newest release from The Bellybuttons, three track EP Wires, highlights an irreplaceable coolness with slick 90s vibes – the most important release of 2017 thus far.

First track ‘Referendum on you (enemies)’ captures a calming and airy dynamic, cleverly put together and creatively charged – counter melodies weaving throughout.

Effortlessly gliding into the second track ‘Autumn Song’, flowing flawlessly alongside the damp and subtle bassline; there’s an overly self-aware feel to the vocal, which forces the track to quickly arrive at the point – the snappy drums leaves a clean and necessary impression.

Title track ‘Wires’ has an extremely understated relevance to it – a comforting sadness is solidly placed due to the lazy drums and melancholy guitars.

There’s an immediate sense of togetherness when listening to this EP with a distinct charm drifting from start to finish.

Wires is a slow and easy gem, presenting itself with resonating style, creating a playful head-space and good vibes – a severely obvious intelligence.

Words: John Houston

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