Rachel Alice Johnson – ‘I Wont Remember You’

Rachel Alice Johnson returns with her intriguing new single ‘I Wont Remember You’ and, just like the previous tracks she has released, and it will undoubtedly urge its audience to listen time and time again.

Although only just over four-minutes long, ‘I Wont Remember You’ has many layers to it, which makes it an extremely interesting listen.


To begin with, there is an undertone of jazz influence held in the prominent drumbeat and bass guitar, however the music builds to a final crescendo with heavy use of guitar, changing the style to more of a rock influenced sound.

Her musical accompaniment strongly compliments Johnson’s sultry vocal style and impressive range, which moves with the music as the styles change throughout the song.

This is a very impressive track from a growing talent, who, without a doubt, promises great things in the near future.

Words: Orla Brady


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