Gypsy Circus – Gypsy Circus

Edinburgh based four-piece Gypsy Circus describe themselves as in the genre of Tungsten rock, the whole feel of their self-titled EP is a nice reminiscence of classic indie.

To begin we find ourselves in the metaphorical ‘Jungle’, Aaron King’s husky vocals describe a journey of things unknown, of the unavoidable jungle that one-day catches you up.


The lyrics are like poetry filled with esoteric allusions, there’s depth in its meaning and in the musicality, layered with some classic pitch bending, guitar solos, smashing crash cymbals and a hint of synth coming from what sounds like electronic keys.

The same depth is still evident in ‘Float’, with a more acoustic feel, the melody is rustic and saddening, the tone vulnerable, played without airs or graces; the simplicity in the composition echoes the fragility of the lyrical content.

While ‘Black Widow Women’ is fearless: a critical exposition of someone’s deceit; there’s a warning to heed – the guttural theme continues, this time with a hint of blues.

‘Trouble’ is more like ‘Float’, with big beastly chords played like marching beats, softer arpeggios fill the spaces in between on acoustic guitar as you are swept between the highs and lows, while pulsing rhythms drive toward each chorus.

Each track has its own identity but you can equally get a sense of the band’s style from the EP as a whole.

Words: Rachel Cunningham


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