Bridal Shower – Negatives

Back in 2016, Bridal Shower released their debut single ‘Tapeworm’ great things were expected from the band following its positive reception and they have pulled it off, judging by their debut album, Negatives.

Each of the nine tracks display the heavy influence that the band draw from post-punk and alt-rock bands such as Pixies and Sonic Youth, however the album as a whole showcases the way in which the band have taken their own individual spin on this genre and made it their own.


Tracks such as ‘Put Your Gloves On’, ‘Poland’ and ‘Off Limits’ are the most experimental on the album, with chaotic vocals and disordered musical accompaniment, namely very heavy drums and guitar.

On the other hand, tracks such as ‘Old’ and ‘Attention’ follow a more recognisable alt-rock structure, however the band ensure their own stamp is in place by including distorted and high pitched vocals and disarranged guitar.

Bridal Shower is not afraid to delve into the experimental and push the limits of genres they take influence from whilst also maintaining their own individual style.

The combination of manic, distorted vocals, which mainly cannot be understood, and heavy, rhythmic guitar, bass and drums make each track on the album as interesting and compelling as the other.

Undoubtedly, Negatives will be well received in a live setting, these tracks will fully flourish and leave the audience impressed by the level of excitement and force held in each track.

Words: Orla Brady


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