Brownbear – Covers [Walk Tall]

Matthew Hickman, better known under the moniker of Brownbear, has over the years become a permanent fixture around the live circuit in Scotland.

From performing with the likes of The Libertines and The View, the Largs native has certainly enjoyed a vast amount of success, made all the more impressive as this has all come before releasing his long-awaited debut album.


With the record finally forthcoming after numerous delays, Brownbear treat us to their latest offering, ‘Covers’.

An upbeat jaunt about finding a partner in bed with someone else, the track is far more upbeat than its subject matter would suggest.

Hickman offers a defiant two fingers to his unfaithful lover as he sings “I think I’m better off without you” over a simple, rhythmic melody which compliments the frontman’s unique raspy vocal – a characteristic which Brownbear have mastered.

‘Covers’ is an extremely promising indication of what to expect from the upcoming full-length, finally scheduled for release later in the year.

Words: Graham McCusker


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